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I have been a member of Albert (and Einstein) since around 2013.

When I enter my team name in full for Albert : "Sicituradastra." then the result returned is,

Sicituradastra 14th Nov 2005 


Team - City of Elgin - 8 Aug 2014 7:59:11 UTC

Note: There exists two teams with almost the same name it is just my Team has the full stop after.

My team is:

In Einstein this (at some time) worked fine and I was able to join my team. Info from my account settings below,


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While I appreciate Albert is a test project I assume the joining a Team is part of the structure copied from Einstein and maybe a bug crept in at some time with the Search function.

If you don't have time to look into this problem then if someone with Admin rights could just add my Team to my account then that would also be fine :)


Shawn Kwang
Shawn Kwang
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I have queried our

I have queried our Albert@Home database. Currently, there is only one team in the Albert@Home database with a name starting with  'Sicituradastra', and that is the team Sicituradastra 14th Nov 2005 . There is no team named 'Sicituradastra.' with a period (full-stop) at the end.

Since I am assuming you want to be a part of a different/separate team with the name 'Sicituradastra.' . I believe you will need to create your own team, named 'Sicituradastra.', on Albert@Home.

Note, just because there exists a team on Einstein@Home does not automatically mean it is created on Albert@Home.

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