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Actually, what's the

Actually, what's the difference between Albert@home and Einstein@home?

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Albert@home is a test project

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Albert@home is a test project to test server software and website changes before deploying them on them main Einstein@home project. Occasionally science applications gets tested here too before they are deployed on EInstein@home.

Einstein@home is the main project where the actual science is getting done!

If you're only interested in helping out with the science of Einstein@home (Finding gravity waves, binary radio pulsars and/or gamma ray pulsars) then you don't want to run Albert@home as I don't think the results generated here is used that.
If on the other hand you're also interested in helping with testing the website, server software and the occasional beta science app then by all means keep running Albert@home.
If you do decide to help out with the testing and find something you think might not be working as it should then head over to the community forums - Problems and Bug Reports and either post in a thread that seems to fit your problem or start a new one.