Albert@Home Project Downtime 2020-02-18

The Albert@Home project will be shutdown for a maintenance window for a server software upgrade. This is planned for Tuesday 2020-02-18 at 1500 UTC. This corresponds to 1600 CET Central Europe and 1000 EST East-coast North America. The Web site and project server will be down.

The upgrade should only take 10 minutes. Volunteers will not have to do anything with their clients, and will automatically reconnect once the work is finished. Thanks for your patience.


Shawn Kwang
Shawn Kwang
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The maintenance work on

The maintenance work on Albert@Home has been completed. After rebooting the server, a problem at UW-Milwaukee networking prevented the site and project from connecting to the Internet. Once that was fixed, I restarted the project. Sorry for the delay/downtime.

We appreciate your patience through all of this.

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