UWM Network maintenance

December 22, 2016

The UWM network operations need to shutdown our Internet connection for routine maintenance. As a result, the Albert@Home project will be down on Monday January 2, 2017; starting at 1000 UTC. That is 1100 CET for most Europeans and 0500 EST for East-coast North America. Network downtime will be less than 20 minutes.


UWM networking upgrade (finished)

July 21, 2016

There is a need to upgrade the networking equipment at UWM and we want to do so before the new Web site launch. As a result, the Einstein@Home project will be down on Monday July 25, 2016; starting at 1300 UTC. That's 1500 for most Europeans and 0900 for East-coast North America. It's our hope that the network downtime will be less than 20 minutes.

Database maintenance on Monday 2016-05-02

April 29, 2016

We're planning to take the Albert@Home project offline to order to upgrade our backend database software. This is schedule for Monday 2016 May 5th (2016-05-02), 1300 UTC. Europeans: 1500 CEST. N. Americans: 0900 EDT. Also:

We're hoping for a downtime of only an hour or so. The BOINC project will be shut down, and the Web site will be down as well.