Forum cleanup

November 14, 2011

I intend to clean up the forums a bit from the stuff unintentionally carried over from Einstein@home. Don't be worried when your posts / threads seem to randomly (dis)appear in the next few hours.


Sending work

October 31, 2011

Albert@home is still an unofficial, non-public test project. Don't expect anything to work here. The only type of work Albert@home is currently sending out is for a highly experimental BRP4 OpenCL application.


Credit reset

August 17, 2011

The BOINC database on Albert@Home was (and actually still is) an outdated copy of that on Einstein@Home. This includes (outdated) credit gained on Einstein@Home, which would mess up stats if stat site would include Albert@Home. In order to get Albert@Home ready as an officiall public test project, we reset the credit records on Albert@Home.