New App S6LV1

December 13, 2011

Along with the ongoing test related to OpenCL we will soon begin to test the setup for the next Einstein@Home Gravitational Wave search "S6LV1" (S6 data with "LineVeto", run #1). For now this will be a pure CPU App.


Updated OpenCL requirements

December 06, 2011

The minimum BOINC client version for OpenCL tasks got raised to 7.0.1 (get it here) as it fixes an important bug.



OpenCL requirements

November 28, 2011


For those of you who want to participate in testing our upcoming OpenCL app targeting AMD/ATI GPUs, here are the current system requirements (we'll update this posting if the need arises, so I suggest you watch/subscribe to this thread):

* AMD GPU (360 MB free GPU memory, OpenCL 1.1 support)
* AMD Catalyst 11.7 (8.872) driver (and newer)
* BOINC 7.0.12 (and newer)
* Windows, Linux or Mac OS (10.7 only)