Drupal support

August 22, 2014

Hi guys,

I'm going to be out of office for the next two weeks. We'll continue to work on the known issues during my absence but fixes will only be released after my return. Please also note that direct forum-based support will be limited during that period.

I encourage you to open bug reports directly in our ticket system to ensure they don't get lost.



August 08, 2014

Welcome to our new website!

We finally launched the new Albert@Home website based on the Drupal CMS. The migration took much longer than expected because we ran into a few new issues that escaped us during previous tests. But hey, this is our test system for Einstein@Home and it serves its purpose well ;-)


Here we go again: Drupal migration now scheduled for July 28th

July 22, 2014

Hi everyone,

After ironing out all kinks caused by the server code upgrade aftermath, we think that we're now finally in a position to migrate our website (albert) to Drupal. The original announcement can be found in this thread (it's still applicable).