Server code upgrade aftermath: need to postpone Drupal migration

June 06, 2014

Hi guys,

Project server code update

June 02, 2014

The project will be taken down in about an hour to perform an update of the BOINC server code. Ideally you shouldn't notice anything, but usually the world isn't ideal. See you again on the other side.


Drupal migration postponed to June 10th

May 28, 2014

Hi everyone,

You probably noticed it already: nothing happened :-) We found to issue in our preferences handling code that we wanted to resolve before we make the move. However, we're also working on a major update of the entire BOINC server codebase (planned for next week) which is why we decided to postpone the migration to the week of June 10th. Hopefully the server upgrade doesn't break anything concerning Drupal...

So, expect several downtimes over the next two weeks!