We had to reset the friendships to your associations as of Aug, 5th

Oliver Behnke
Oliver Behnke
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Hi everyone,

We had to reset your friendships (here on albert) to the associations you had on the original BOINC website as of August, 5th. That was due to a minor issue in the import procedure we use to migrate the data from BOINC to Drupal. That issue is now fixed but we needed to test it here on albert which included running that part of the import again and thereby reset your relationships to their pre-import state.

Unfortunately this means that any new friendships you established using Drupal since the launch will now have to be redone. But again, albert is our test system: while we try to avoid disruptive changes like this they are sometimes necessary in order to help making the user experience on our production system (einstein) as smooth as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience,