UWM outage 2019-02-21

Yesterday, 2019-02-20 at about 1930 UTC there was a power outage at UW-Milwaukee that affected some of the campus, including the data center where Einstein@Home and Albert@Home servers are housed. Today, 2019-02-21, the cooling system has not recovered and as a result we have shutdown a number services at UWM, including Einstein@Home's Web page. 

We currently are in the process of restoring services, but there is no timelime I can report. Volunteers do not need to do anything with their BOINC clients. Thanks for your patience as we deal with the aftermath of the power problems. Albert@home is still functional for now, but may be affected in the near future by this work.


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Updates: People may have

Updates: People may have noticed that Albert@Home also was down for most of the 21st. The cooling system failure necessitated shutting down services such as the A@H server. However, now we are starting to recover and the server is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience throughout this unplanned downtime.

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