New BRP application released: v1.25 (OpenCL Mac (intel), "Lion")

We just released BRP4 v1.25 for ATI/AMD OpenCL under OSX for Intel Macs, our first OpenCL app for BRP4 which might work under OSX.

For discussion on this new version, please use this thread

* Workaround for an oddity in the OpenCL implementation by Apple

* Known issue: no support for OSX versions older than "Lion"

* Please let us know how running the app is impacting the responsiveness of your Lion Desktop.

* Please use BOINC client (>=7.0.27) or later. Note that this BOINC version is still a development version (but fixes some OpenCL related problems), it can be downloaded from here:

Without updating to this BOINC version, you will not be able to get OpenCL work on Albert!