Albert server migration, Wednesday 2017-02-22

Albert is being migrated to a new host. Our current computer running the Albert@Home project is near the end of its useful life, and is being retired. We are moving the whole project to a new server, which will require a shutdown of the project. The Web site will be down as well.

As a result, the Albert@Home project will be turned off on Wednesday February 22, 2017; starting at 1400 UTC. That is 1500 CET for most Europeans and 0900 EST for East-coast North America. We expect the project downtime to be a few hours. Volunteers do not have to do anything to their clients, but should be aware they won't be able to connect for a while.


Shawn Kwang
Shawn Kwang
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Migration should be finished.

Migration should be finished. Thanks for everyone's patience.

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