(0.981 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU)

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Albert take (0.981 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU)

Why not to take 1 cpu + 1 ati gpu like World Community Grid project do on help conquer cancer project ?

I explain, i have a quad core.
If i run World Community Grid i have 3 cores that work on CPU work, and 1 core core that work to feed the GPU

If i run Albert and another CPU project
The result is 4 cores that work on CPU work and the poor GPU work is slowed by more than 75%, because he have not a dedicated CPU to feed him.

So i have 5 threads

And GPU, don't work at full speed because it's set like this (0.981 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU), and not like this (1 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU)

(1 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU)= around 21 minutes per task (GPU)
(0.981 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU) = around infinite time

The only thing i can do to avoid this, is to run Albert as a single project
but then i lost 3 cores, that have no work, and it's a waste.

So please if possible, make (1 CPUs + 1 ATI GPU) per Albert task